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Interview with a Creative Coach Jessica Serran

Jessica Serran is an International Artist and the Leader of the Becoming Artist Movement. Jessica was born in Canada but now lives in Prague.As a Visual Artist she uses drawing and painting to touch the forgotten and hidden parts of Self. When not making her own art she helps other Visual Artists who struggle with discovering their Calling to become Leaders of an International Creative Movement through the Power of Community.  


Where do you come from and how did you get to Prague?

I first came to the Czech Republic to do an artist residency in Tabor, back in 2009. Many things happened while I was there, including a trip that led my mother and I to find long-lost relatives in Slovakia. During that time I fell in love with a man in Tabor and decided to move there and start a life together. That didn’t go well. 8 months later I packed my bags to move to Prague to start work on an art project that I had received funding for from the Ontario government in Canada.